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1. Initial training inner track


Module 1: Initial training inner track. In this unit, the student will experiment the first contact with the vehicle controls, practicing the use of its controls, and putting to practice the theoretical knowledge achieved.


  1. VEHICLE`S CONTROLS (TRAINNING). Vehicle`s controls, evaluation test about vehicle`s hand controls.
  2. GEAR SHIFTING TRAINNING, ON A STRAIGHT ROAD. Gear shifting, knowledge achieved evaluation test.
  3. TURNS: IN AN ELLIPTICAL SHAPE, AND IN A RING SHAPE. Practical training to learn how to drive around curves.
  4. ON REVERSE GEAR: MINDING THE KERBS, ON A SIDEWALK. Exercise to practice reverse gear in a straight line and while turning.
  5. COMBINED EXERCISE (01) HILL, ZIGZAG, PARKING. Combined exercise for practicing, parking and start driving on a hill, zigzag with bollards, set at different distances; parallel, angle, and perpendicular parking training.